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Finisher Unisex Cycling Jersey

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Male Mannequin Measurements:

Height: 183cm, Weight: 75kg, Arm: 33cm, Chest: 95cm, Waistline: 85cm

Male Model Wears:

(L) Large

Female Mannequin Measurements:

Height: 170cm, Weight: 55kg, Chest: 88cm, Waistline: 78cm

Female Model Wears:

(S) Small

Features - Finisher Unisex Cycling Jersey 1Features - Finisher Unisex Cycling Jersey 2

RACING FIT cycling jerseys are performance-oriented jerseys thanks to their pattern and fabric features. Our racing fit products is produced from lycra fabric and slim fit pattern. Therefore, our expectation from these jerseys is that they hug and stick to your body. Our racing fit jerseys have a v-neck with an open neck.

ALL OUR CYCLING KITS have narrower fit than everyday products. For this reason, we recommend that you use the size selection guide for your orders. All of the fabrics we use in our cycling jerseys have sweat wicking, fast drying and breathing properties. All of our cycling jerseys have a lockable full-length zipper regardless of mold, 360-degree non-slip silicone rubber in the waist area, 3 pockets on the back and a zippered pocket as standard.
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