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Aero Cycling Jerseys

Sale price €40,00 Regular price €45,00 Sale
Sale price €40,00 Regular price €45,00 Sale
Sale price €40,00 Regular price €45,00 Sale
Sale price €40,00 Regular price €45,00 Sale
Sale price €40,00 Regular price €45,00 Sale

Aero Fit Cycling Jerseys
Cycling wear products are produced using fabrics specially designed for sports, unlike daily wear. These fabrics keep the body cool thanks to their breathable properties. It also dries quickly, making your rides comfortable. The patterns of cycling jerseys are specially designed so that you can move comfortably while doing sports. Flexible fabrics are used that completely surround the body to provide an aero dynamic advantage. The jerseys sold on our website have a full-length zipper on the front. Thanks to this full-length zipper, you can easily wear your jersey even though it is very tight. It allows you to ventilate by opening the zipper while driving. There are 3 pockets on the back of the jersey. In these pockets, you can carry protein bars or bicycle parts that you may need while riding. In addition to 3 pockets, there is one zippered compartment. In this compartment, you can safely carry your belongings that you do not want to be lost, such as cash, identity cards. There is a silicone rubber that wraps 360 degrees around the lower inner part of the jersey. This rubber clings to your cycling tights, making tops and bottoms one-piece. In the cycling position, it prevents your jersey from getting air and swelling from below.

The Importance of the Right Material
Cycling jerseys must be produced using the right material so that they can fulfill their purpose of existence. In order to move comfortably in the jersey, the right mold must be prepared correctly. Otherwise, undesirable conditions such as irritation may occur on your body. In addition, it is vital that the fabrics used are of high quality and breathable. Otherwise, you can get sick in a short time with the wind hitting your wet body. It is important to maintain your body temperature in both summer and winter months. Your body temperature should neither be too high nor too low. For this reason, different cycling clothing products are used in summer and winter.

Why Are Cycling Jerseys Colorful?
Cycling jerseys are usually colored differently from our daily clothes. The reason for this is to be visible and noticeable in traffic. At the same time, colorful jerseys are used to show you together with your teammates and to show you different from other teams.

About Cycling Jerseys Patterns
While cycling, our body is tilted forward. For this reason, the front of the jerseys is shorter than the back to avoid wind from the back. The silicone rubbers used on the bottom of the cycling jerseys combine with the cycling tights and prevent your back from being pulled apart while riding. Loose clothes will slow you down while driving. That's why clothing that hugs the body and provides an aerodynamic advantage is a must for road bike rides and races.

Washing Your Cycling Jersey
You can wash your jersey in the washing machine after each ride. A light wash at 30 degrees with your other colored clothes is ideal for cycling jerseys. However, an important point to note is not to use fabric softener when washing cycling jerseys. Softeners can damage the fibers of the cycling jersey, impairing the fabric's properties such as breathability. However, we recommend keeping the zipper closed while your jersey is being washed. Thus, the iron part of the zipper does not damage other parts of your jersey. Do not put cycling clothing products in the dryer. You can use cycling clothing products for many years with the washings made by applying these.